ServeCo is an in-home service that repairs and cleans household furnishings. They came to us with a logo and few brand elements but they needed us to help implement them. With a trade show coming up we were quickly able to adjust their brand as well as a few other needs they had to get ready for the show.

Trade Show Video

ServeCo approached us asking to make a video before their upcoming trade show. We were able to put a storyboard in place and complete the video in the short time frame that they needed it in.

Trade Show Booth Design

With their tradeshow coming up quickly, ServeCo needed to see the design implemented into mockups. Showing a model with accurate measurements was crucial in showing them what could fit, as well as the layout of the booth.


All aspects of this project were done under employment of The Partnership Inc.

Larry Washington
     Creative Director

Lucas Alvarez
     Art Director

David Payne

The Works