Cheribundi produces the most powerful super fruit juices in the world. Their tart cherry juices are all natural, not from concentrate and provide incredible benefits. Crafted through a one-of-a-kind juicing process developed by scientists at Cornell University, Cheribundi has the highest antioxidant strength of any other super fruit juice.

The brand has grown over the last decade and is now ready to compete with bigger brands in the category. They asked us to help evolve their brand and craft their story to do that. We achieved this by revamping and creating several aspects of their brand.

Logo Evolution

Cheribundi wasn’t looking for a complete redesign. So our approach was to simplify the logo and have variations that can change depending on the application.

Icon System

Bottle Evolution

How It's Made

Brand Sizzle

Aly Raisman

Boca Raton Bowl


All aspects of this project were done under employment of The Partnership Inc.

Larry Washington
     Creative Director

Lucas Alvarez
     Art Director

David Payne

The Works